Getting Your Message Across


Do you often struggle to get your point across to an audience or group? I’ve certainly been in situations where I know exactly what message I need to communicate, but somehow my message gets lost in translation. I wondered how certain people manage to simply and effortlessly get their message across to an audience while the rest of us struggle. It almost seems that these people are born with an innate ability to captivate or mesmerise. These people are said to have gravitas and a commanding presence. But can this ability be developed or learned? Thankfully – Yes! I recently read Roger Ailes book You are the message: Getting What You Want By Being Who You Are and was amazed at how in four simple steps, you can transform the way you communicate to become a great communicator, capable of captivating and mesmerising your listening audience. Ailes suggests:

  1. Be Prepared – A great communicator is usually one who understands their subject matter. You cannot communicate what you don’t know so invest time and effort in developing your knowledge. It also pays to extend your knowledge beyond the immediate scope as this gives you an edge. Knowledge is power, preparation inspires confidence.
  2.  Be Comfortable – Getting comfortable when standing before an audience sounds easier said than done.  By finding simple ways to be light-hearted and humorous, you can ease any tensions that may have. Don’t take yourself too seriously and loose the anxiety. When you’re comfortable your audience will be too. I found that just by sharing my personal experiences helps to set people at ease.
  3. Be Committed – This is by far my favourite one. Its all about your convictions and your purpose. Be clear on what you are talking about and why its important. Convey what the greater good is. Let your passion for the subject shine through anew others will relate to it or buy into it.
  4. Be Interesting – This is a difficult one! At least for most people myself included. The good news is you can easily be interesting just by being your authentic self. It is often those unique things about us that make us interesting. Don’t be afraid to let the real you come out to play.