Happy New Year!

It’s the start of a new year and like many I feel energised and ready to take on the world. Those that follow my blog may realise that I haven’t been blogging for many months. I started a new role leading a very challenging project and somehow never found the time to come up for air.

Having been forced up for air by the numerous bank holidays we have been afforded (God Save the Queen!), I have had time to take stock and evaluate things. 2016 had been very challenging for me in my career as well as personally. I was overwhelmed. With this came the tendency to take irrational steps and short-sighted decisions. My decision making process and reactions became impaired. Rather than calculated and deliberate responses, I became reactive and on edge. My performance was affected. Thankfully the end of the year brought some much needed respite. I was able to take stock and evaluate why some things had happened the way they did but more importantly what I needed to do to move forward.

As I thought about making new resolutions I realised that had I not taken the time to assess and evaluate I would most certainly have crashed and burned out in a matter of weeks. I so desperately needed that time away from work and everybody (well almost everyone – still had to be a mom and a wife, sister and daughter!) I figured my vision for the future had not changed and my goals still needed to be geared towards realising the vision. With that in mind I knew that in the pursuit of my goals and vision there will always be challenges. In dealing with these challenges our plans might change but ultimately the goals and vision remain the same. These challenges, if not addressed in a timely manner can overwhelm and derail you from achieving your goals.

So here’s my advice and what I have determined to do- In 2017, know when its time to stop and evaluate. Create a space for yourself  – you may need to take a couple of days off to adjust your strategy. Take yourself out of the thick of the situation and just breathe. Don’t get stuck in the rut. Recognise when you are at the end of your tether because it is time to start over. Don’t wait till the situation overwhelms you. Have a new year resolution as often as you need it throughout the year. Don’t wait till it falls apart or till it’s time for your mid-year reviews or year-end reviews. Once you get to a place where you are starting to sink it’s time to Stop! Assess! Recalibrate!




  1. Very true. We all need to relax and reevaluate at regular intervals through the year in order not to loose focus or get derailed by the wiles of life. Hmmmm….my breakthrough year.


  2. So true… great advice, we frequently slip into that “autopilot” mode without even realizing it.
    I like the part about making resolutions as many times as we need to😊
    We do need to stop and assess what works, what is NOT working and what needs to be improved😊
    Love it!!


    1. Thanks for reading this Mope! I like your terminology of autopilot! It is so true and we all know when you’re on autopilot you can’t anticipate or plan and respond effectively to challenges!


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