“I gravitate towards Gravitas” – Morgan Freeman.

What do successful and confident people have in common and why are some people effortlessly charismatic? From Kennedy to Obama, Thatcher to Oprah, these people simply have the X-Factor and a captivating presence. This commanding presence is Gravitas, a personality trait that is seemingly exclusive to a set few. It makes the world want to listen and follow.

Gravitas is simply about roots that give you a solid foundation to express yourself with confidence and authority and wings that enable you to ascend to great heights. Thankfully Gravitas is not as exclusive as it seems. We all can have gravitas. To find gravitas, you need eliminate anxieties, bad habits of speech and body language, and negative beliefs about yourself. It helps to get to the root of who you really are and what you are passionate about.

Knowledge + purpose + passion (-anxiety) = Gravitas

KNOWLEDGE: To express yourself in a way that makes others listen requires a breath of experience. What is it that you have to say? Do you have the right expertise to support it? If you do, then are you able to express yourself confidently? Knowledge is about the mind and to demonstrate sound knowledge you must be able to convince your audience that you have the expertise. Expressing yourself confidently requires you to coordinate your tone and body language in a way that convinces the listener.  Getting Your Message Across gives a deep but concise summary of how to express yourself successfully.

PURPOSE: Your purpose relates to your values. It doesn’t have to be a grand idea but a sincere and true purpose to make a difference. It is simply what matters to you and others. Finding a common purpose or goal gives you a way into hearts rather than minds. Gravitas is expressed strongly when you serve a greater good. Your purpose is what gives you the impetus to reach and captivate your audience.

PASSION: Passion and purpose go hand in hand. Your purpose is at the center of your passion. People will naturally engage with you when you let your passion show. Your passion creates the positive energy that brings your ideas to life, inspires others and sets you apart.

ANXIETY: Just like passion, anxiety (worry, nervousness, or unease) has energy. It has negative energy that draws you in and drains your passion. Find your true north. Get comfortable with yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously. Be flexible and natural.

Practice makes perfect. The more you work on increasing your knowledge, discovering your purpose and igniting your passion, the less anxious you will be. You will acquire the Gravitas needed to be more confident and charismatic.