Its International Women’s day today and throughout the day I have been working with the women’s network in my office to encourage people to #PledgeForParity.

 What is parity and why is it important?

Well, parity means fairness and gender parity is about ensuring that wherever possible, women gain equal opportunity and access in all spheres of society. Women have a lot to offer in the workplace, in business and in the society. Women bring diversity of thought, innovation, and alternative routes to success to everyday life, business and society. Women help balance and manage risk. Research shows that having women in leadership positions is key to achieving positive business performance and economic progress. Indeed the impact of women in leadership can be seen across the globe where

  • Women in political leadership positions run prosperous countries
  • Women form the majority of the population of emerging markets
  • Women are on boards of companies with strong financial performance

Sadly, gender balance in positions of leadership is still a far way off. Meaning our businesses, countries and societies could be performing even more optimally but are not because this rich resource group (i.e. Women) remain untapped. Statistics show that without a concerted effort we are some 100 years away from achieving gender balance. This means that for this generation and the next majority of women will continue to struggle to fulfil their full potential and hence unable to contribute fully in the society. Businesses, economies and society lose out too.Women’s advancement must therefore become a priority on our agendas at work, in business, at home and in society as a whole.

A solution?

You and I are the solution. Gender Parity is a collective responsibility. If achieving gender balance can yield business, economic and societal benefits, then we owe it to ourselves and the next generation to do something positive to progress this agenda.

There are several things you can do – You can be a champion for women in your workplace or local community or even volunteer to promote STEM within your local community. What ever you feel able to do, please pledge today to make a difference.

My pledge is to INSPIRE THE NEXT GENERATION OF WOMEN THROUGH KNOWLEDGE SHARING AND TO CHALLENGE MY BIASES WHICH MAY HINDER ME OR OTHER WOMEN FROM ACHIEVEING OUR FULL POTENTIAL. This blog is my outlet to reach women across the globe. What would yours be? Share this post today and #PledgeForParity.